Wednesday, July 21, 2010

. . . Plus Sunday Night at the Movie

Kieffer also had the idea to catch Sunday's late show at the theater instead of the evening show, which opened up a time slot we hadn't talked about before.   I figured it would work out okay with my children, so I said yes, I'd like to go.   We went ~~ the show was cool ~~ and we both feel like we had a great weekend together, not at all what it sounded like at first, which was nonexistent.

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Eagle said...

See?Nothing to be aprehensive about, you had a good time.

Warriors do not realize sometimes of their impatience, sometimes even "pressure".

I am pretty sure that the times I've been flaked out it was my impatience who sabotaged my date.

We feel that life is short and that our time and dedication should not be wasted. So if we see something clear, we just rush into it.

Moreover, we do not want to waste our energy and dedication neither.

If we see that our dedication and feelings are not corresponded, we just seek for another one who does correspond.

Usually warrior energy is self-oriented and goal-oriented but when this energy is partner-oriented, we feel confused and we need to know that she has interest and faith in us. We need to know that the enthusiasm for her is whorthwhile

Once you have gained the enthusiasm,dedication and heart of a warrior, you will gain the most loyal, self-sacrifing, passionate, protector and powerful partner.

This is my oppinion of how I find relationships,I guess for the majority of the warriors it will be similar, althought it's just a gut-feeling.

I hope this can help you in your relationships with warriors