Friday, July 09, 2010

Goddess of the Forest

As the goddess dances among shadows and trees, you see a flutter, you hear a whisper, but was it she?   Or the leaves?   Or the sigh of the wind?

The mystery lures you one step and another, and as you reach out to touch, it floats away, evaporating in a mist.

She flirts like Aphrodite, she shines like Venus, she laughs like a lover and plays like child.   Running the river and riding the wind, the goddess draws you nearer the One.   When you become one to run with the River and flow with the Wind, when you learn to laugh and play and dance, then you wonder why you ever thought she was heartless and mocking.   The goddess was calling your yearning soul, singing songs of ages to draw you toward primordial grace, because the darkness of the depth would not have drawn you without her charms to delight your way.

~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~
Image credit: "Track near Breakfast Point Lookout" posted by Joan Elizabeth (edited by me)

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