Saturday, July 17, 2010

His Hot Head, My Cold Feet

Truly, I am very happy that Kieffer cooled off and called back.   But I feel so strange ~~ strained is more the right word ~~ and instead of looking forward to seeing him on Sunday morning, I'm dragging my feet ~~ my suddenly cold feet.   Anxiety ... dread ... I finally settle on "apprehensive" to describe my feelings to Kieffer in an email.   I know if I don't, I'll end up being late and adding stress, or I'll cancel at the last minute, again causing regrets.   So I write ....

And he writes back.   Three times.   With lots of new ideas.   And I feel a LOT more cherished and NOT squeezed into a cramped little slot.   Whew!

Then all of a sudden, like some curse has been lifted, my weekend opens up.   A morning-and-afternoon session is rescheduled, a half-afternoon appointment is found to be non-existent (my record-keeping is haphazard), and I must say this feels like the goddess of fortune blessing our weekend with grace.

Around here they call it the support of nature, and it happens when you let go and let god.

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