Saturday, May 17, 2008

Leafy Green Feelings

My habit is to blog when I'm on top of everything in my life, when everything is under control, when life is spinning along like a top.   So I don't blog much.   My life is hardly ever like that.

Just tonight I read some blogs by people who went through stuff and wrote about it as it happened.   It has a fresh quality, unprocessed.   Raw, so to speak.   Raw food is good for the bod, and raw feelings are good for the soul.   A workable theory, yes?   Instead of processing stuff first and wrapping it up in a package tied with a bow, I'll poop a pellet  *plop*  onto the page ~ ~ voila.

Wait a minute.   That can't be right.   Manure is very highly processed stuff, and anything but raw.   Let's try that again.

I'll gather salad greens from my garden of experience (the tender, young shoots that have just sprung up), rinse off the grammar, and offer up the raw leafies for us to munch on.   That might be tasty!   Or it might be as eye-watering as onions.   Guess it all depends on what pops up in the garden overnight.

It just occurred to me that eating lots of raw leafy green vegetables is an excellent remedy for constipation of the gut.   Likewise, an excellent remedy for writer's block is penning raw, green words with no prep or dressing or even effort for presentation.

Raise your shooters of fresh wheat grass juice, everyone, for a toast in honor of turning over a new leafy green feeling for fresher, livelier vitality with special enzymes and ephemeral bioflavinoids intact.   Cheers!

~ with love from Jolene

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Photo credit: Jennifer Benner, (Fiddlehead ferns)

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