Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mm, Mm, Magic!

I wanted magic, I got magic.   Wow.

In the wee hours last Saturday morning (or Friday night, depending on how you calculate), I wrote that I wanted sex to be magical.   Less than 24 hours later, a nice friendly visit with Deven sparkled into a scrumptiously delicious tryst.   Yes, there was yummy mm, mm, magic!

Deven and I have had our ups and downs over the past year, and lately it had been mostly down and declining fast until a week and a half ago when we had a breakthrough discussion and found that we still had some very good potential between us as friends.   I privately resolved to be a much better friend to Deven, to give us the best restart I could manage.   I also resolved to leave sex off the table (and off the bed and off the floor...) and I had actually become quite happy with that situation because it came with so many other good things, like appreciating him and us from totally new directions.   Besides, every time we joined in sex he disappeared from my life for a week or so.   It just felt crummy.   I much preferred having Deven with no sex to having sex and then no Deven.

So I had some reservations about Saturday night ~~ not wanting to be cut off from his company again just after we had been getting along with each other so nicely.   He said he wouldn't go away....

Well, so far so good.   Loving encounters with plenty of pixie dust on Saturday night plus Sunday afternoon AND Tuesday night, and then a friendly conversational visit this evening (Thursday).   Lovely.

No pullback so far.   This is mighty nice....

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Image credit: "Flower Power" by Jay Jacobson

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