Saturday, May 17, 2008

What I Want From Sex

I finally found the word to describe what I want from sex lately.   See, for the past half year, I have not had my usual interest in usual sex (that is, with men).   That might be an indicator for depression, except that I've had strong interest in unusual sex (say, with the cosmos).   Now as far as I'm concerned, it's no problem: I'm happy with my situation.   It's fascinating in terms of evolution, and I don't feel an urge to label or categorize or analyze or explain any of it to myself.   I like watching it unfold at its own pace.   I'll mention that while this strange, new direction has been developing, my buddy Saturn, the big, beautiful, ringed planet, has been a reassuring companion and guide.

On the other hand, there are those who do have a strong urge to analyze and label the phenomenon, who want to know why I don't have my usual interest in sex (with them).   Those would be men, of course.   To address their questions, I've been thinking about sex a lot lately, and now I found the word:


I want to make magic.   With no need to settle for anything less, I want to feel a growing sense of magic and wonder as we wend the way toward each other's souls, as we whirl in waves beyond ourselves.

This path is now revealed and I will practice sensing when enough magic is gathered to catalyze sex.   But I wonder what "magic" will mean to my man who wants sex ~~ usual, unusual, whatever works ~~ he enjoys sex.   What's wrong with usual sex?   Nothing, darling, nothing is wrong with usual sex.   But everything is better with magic.

~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~

All the stars will tell the story
About our love and all its glory
Let us take this night of magic
And let us make a night of love

~~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~

I changed a few words above in a verse of the song "Surrendermade famous by Elvis Presley and written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman who rearranged a 1902 ballad by the brothers Giambattista de Curtis and Ernesto de Curtis.   The verse was matched with the image, credited as "Surrender" by Federico Bebber who used an image from Marcus Ranum's stock gallery

Image credit: The Ringed Planet in Time magazine by NASA / JPL / AP   ///   Time's caption: "In this composite photograph compiled from images produced by Cassini in 2006, the Earth appears as a tiny pinprick of light in the upper left between Saturn's outer rings."

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Anonymous said...

That made me smile. Too few women have the capability to tolerate sex filled with magic. From my experience, they tend towards sensory overload. I dated one woman once that said she was capable of handling such energies. Sadly, I made her pass out on a dance floor (before any sex was had). She failed and suffered overload.