Friday, March 07, 2008

It Seems a Bit Scattered

Aja and I were talking about getting the word out about my blog when he asked, "But what are you trying to do with it?   What's the point?"   He didn't see much connection between mood swings and L~o~v~e.   (So I reminded him how mood swings had been so deadly for some of his romances!)

"Hunh," he said.   "Well, it seems a bit scattered."

Yes, I agree, it seems a bit scattered, as does love when seen from our human viewpoint, because it reflects the nature of the human condition, which reflects the nature of life on this planet.   It all seems a bit scattered!

Life and love and romance are all buzzy, busy, wild and silly adventures when you're right in the middle of them.   In our reminisces, as we look back and try to find clues, it's easier to see patterns.   And I do see lots of patterns in life, love, and romance.   But if I tried to put them all down in their proper places, like a really nice website might have, you, dear reader, would have neither a website nor a blog.   Much as I would love to build an eleventy thousand page website given enough free time and a long enough life, I'm not going to devote myself to it right now.   But what I will do right now is post my thoughts as they occur, and brother, my thought stream is a scattered!   I'll get it down now and sort it out later, just like we do in real life.

The existential theme is a natural one for this endeavor.   In the first place, I cotton to existentialism as a philosophical framework.   In the second place, love is loveliest when experienced existentially, so that shows up in the content.   In the third place, the process is existential by default because the blunt truth is that's the only way I'll get the content to the web.

Scattered?   Yes, of course, and ironically, in this world, that means perfectly aligned.

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Original context of photo by Charlie Morey

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