Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More About Jolene

"But you are not what you wrote in your profile, my dear," Aja told me over the phone, commenting on the first half of the About Me section.  "You are not unattractive."

Aja is a wonderfully supportive friend, and he sees beauty in many places others miss.

"You think what I wrote sounds bad?  Misleading?" I asked.

"Well, it ... it doesn't describe you, darling.  You are not ... this ... " Aja has a gentle subtlety for love and its expression, and he is always tender and thoughtful when he attaches words to his feelings about love or about me.

"You are radiant," he said, making each syllable bow down in reverence.  "You glow."

What a sweetheart, that Aja.  He wrote these lines to tell you more about me.

To Jolene:

Your hair caresses me

Your eyes whisper softly

Your hand sends thrills

Your kiss is a wave

Your loving embrace never stops...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    

photo credit: prefers to be unnamed at this time ~ edited by Anne Jolene ~ contact Jolene for permissions

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